Kristin Thompson
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American Red Cross Stamps

Students were asked to redesign a system in our society with the goal of improving it. I decided that the U.S. postage stamp was a functioning item that had every day use, but could be improved upon. I chose to take a revolutionary design approach, keeping some current elements that exist and build upon them. Within this new system Forever stamps are increased in price by 5%, and these proceeds go towards featured rotating charities that are partnered with the United States Postal Service. This would still keep the element of collectibility, having featured designs. On each stamp booklet sold there would be featured information to make the customer aware of the charity and it's mission statements. The booklets would also include information as to where their contribution was going towards within the organization. The charity I used in my example is the American Red Cross. Each stamp represents one of the major statements or goal the organization stands for. These are: Disaster Relief, Lifesaving Blood, International Help, and Military Assistance. This system could easily be used in a multitude of charities, creating more awareness and working towards a greater social good.